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EXIT STRATEGY is a podcast that discusses with journalists and experts the geopolitics of conflict, corruption, and the illicit political economy.

Jun 28, 2021

Alex Gladstein is the Chief Strategy Officer of Human Rights Foundation (#HRF) who believes #Bitcoin "will tear authoritarian countries apart." We speak to him about the intersection of Bitcoin and geopolitics, Human Rights, and what this means for dissidents around the world. 

Listen to Gladstein's interview with #Twitter and Square CEO, Jack #Dorsey, about Bitcoin adoption, and a particularly interesting interruption by far-right activist, Laura Loomer, who demands to know how Dorsey can endorse an anti-censorship currency like Bitcoin while taking the throne as "King of Censorship" at Twitter.
#Gladstein makes an interesting case for Bitcoin. In his latest article he writes: "Money and currency are buried beneath the surface in the global human rights movement. They hardly ever come up at human rights conferences, and are rarely discussed among activists. But ask a democracy advocate from an authoritarian regime about money, and they will tell amazing and tragic stories. Demonetization in Eritrea and North Korea, hyperinflation in Zimbabwe and Venezuela, state surveillance in China and Hong Kong, frozen payments in Belarus and Nigeria, and economic firewalls in Iran and Palestine. And now: monetary colonialism in Togo and Senegal. Without financial freedom, movements and NGOs cannot sustain themselves. If their bank accounts are shuttered, notes demonetized or funds debased, their power is limited and tyranny marches on."
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